Founded in 1967 by the late Floyd Withers “Sonny” Merryman, Jr. and his wife, Lou, Sonny Merryman Inc. first began as a small bus and trailer sales business in Rustburg, Virginia but has since grown into one of the most successful and respected dealers in the country. With three locations across Virginia and more than 140 employees, Sonny Merryman Inc. is dedicated to providing its customers with quality transportation products and unmatched service.

Since our beginnings, we have delivered thousands of buses to all types of transit providers. Each delivery has one goal – provide our customer with the very best product and service in the industry. Helping you get your people where they need to go in a safe and affordable manner is our top priority.

The Merryman Family

The Merryman Family: Floyd Merryman, Lou Merryman, Pat Merryman, Lee Merryman, and Sonny Merryman

GSA Contract

Sonny Merryman Inc. has been awarded its second five year contract with GSA and currently holds 15 light duty bus SINs/categories. We are proud to partner with GSA to provide agencies all across the nation with top-notch light duty buses for their agencies.